About Jazz Screen

Jazz Screen is a website about jazz music created in 2015. The point of this website is to spread new jazz music videos from an eclectic mix of artists and styles. Most of the artists are part of the new generation of jazz music, but all kind of videos are posted, from latin jazz to jazz fusioncontemporary jazz to rythm & blues.

For sure, jazz screen is a good way to discover jazz music. Following jazz news, we only post the latest videos we find on the internet. If you want to stay updated to jazz news, to discover modern jazz artists, this website is for you !

This is important to us to diffuse current jazz artists, and to give young jazz musicians the opportunity to share their musicwith people all over the world. So if you want to contact us to share your music, that’s why we’re here ! This project is above all a selection of modern jazz music. There are no releases critics or concert reviews. If we particulary love contemporary jazz artists and musicians, we love to listen to new stuff, whatever the style.

It’s important for the listener to watch artists playing. If you can’t go everyday to a gig, stay on jazz screen !