Jazz singers, who you must know

There are a lot of world-renowned jazz musicians. Every person has individual top
of them. I want to represent you my personal top of jazz singers. I remind you that
it is my individual top and you can have other thought. So, are you ready? Let start.

  1. Louis Armstrong
    Everybody knows that name because Armstrong is a classic jazz. If I ask you about
    jazz, you will associate it with his singer. Louis is the most famous and popular
    musician of all time. His career was so long, more than fifty years long. He had
    very interesting squeak voice. Louis Armstrong is a legend in jazz. He was so
    smart, talented. He was virtuoso. He did a lot of jazz music, he made it one of the
    most popular style of music in the world.
  2. Duke Ellington
    Duke was the talented composer. Playing piano made him famous. He was a leader
    of the jazz orchestra fifty years long. Duke used his musical laboratory for his hard
    work. He called his band in this way. He was very kind because he showed the
    talent of every member of the band. Duke was greatly capable of working. He
    wrote more than one thousand songs. Also, Duke has written music for movies.
    The most famous songs are “Cottontail” and “It Does not Mean a Thing”.
  3. Miles Davis
    Miles Davis is a famous person. He influenced on jazz melodies in twenty
    century.He had a lot of bands. The peak of popularity was in the 1945 year. Miles
    played different types of jazz. Sometimes he played bebop, then cool jazz, rarely
    hard bop and modal jazz. Also, he knew jazz fusion. Miles have widened jazz
  4. Charlie Parker
    If you ask me about Charlie Parker, I will associate it with saxophone. He played
    bebop. This technique contained improvisation, fast tempo. Charlie connected jazz
    and other styles of music. For example, he linked with classical music, Latin
    music, blues. Charlie Parker was the really intelligent musician.
  5. Nat King Cole
    Nat is famous for his gorgeous baritone. He made music more emotional. He was
    the first Afro-American who worked on a TV show. He invited to his show many
    jazz musicians, for example, Ella Jane Fitzgerald and Eartha Mae Kitt. Nat was
    talented to playing piano, he did it phenomenally. Cole was recognized as a popicon.

Jazz singers, who you must know Part II

So we continue our top. Keep calm and listen to jazz.

  1. John Coltrane
    He started his career at thirty-three. But he passed away in forty years old.
    John was the very important person in jazz, but mystery singer. He had the short
    career, but plenty of his records were published after his death. John was changing
    his style during his career. There are a lot of worshippers of his early, traditional
    and experimental music.
  2. Thelonious Monk
    This is the legendary musician. He had individual, universal improvisational
    style. He was second after Duke due to his style. His technique was more
    emotional, more energetic and include dramatic silence. He was real novator. He
    often danced on his own performances. But Thelonious was not so famous during
    his life.
  3. Oscar Peterson
    Oscar Peterson was like a fresh air in jazz. Why? He played classical music,
    for example, Bach’s compositions and first jazz ballet. Also, Peterson opened his
    private school in Canada. Oscar has written the anthem of freedom rights.
  4. Billie Holiday
    Here is the first woman on my top. She has the special place in jazz. She did
    not have any personal song in her career. She took different songs and transformed
    it into jazz motives. Also, her performance with song “Strange Fruit” is one of the
    most famous in American music history. Her life was a little dramatic, but her
    squeaky voice and ocean of emotions made her special person.
  5. Dizzy Gillespie
    He is a trumpet – player. He liked different types of music. His career
    includes bebop, improvisation and Latin jazz. Dizzy respected traditional African
    music. During his career, he has always played on tours. He was so charming due
    to his cap, glasses and swollen cheeks.
    I advise you sit down on your favorite sofa, relax and listen to these singers
    and enjoy best jazz music

Jazz history

No one style of music doesn’t have so mystery history of appearance. Jazz
was born in the USA between poor slaves without any rights in their lives. They
did not have any relatives in the USA, but hey have great will-power. So slaves
found consolation in music. A lot of them had real talent, they felt rhythms. At
first, it was really African music. Then other courses connect to it, but the main
themes were about complicated slave’s destiny. But they didn’t have any
instruments, so they make it from different things, for example, woods, papers.

Real music instruments were given to them after the civilian war at 1861-1865
years. Wind orchestras were very popular and plenty of musical instruments were
cheaper, so poor people bought it in different stores. People played music in
various situations like weddings, picnics, funerals. In twenty century in southern
states of American music bands were popular because they played original music,
they improvised with music, they linked blues, European songs. They were called
“jazz-bands”. However, classic jazz was born in New Orlean, USA. Jazz-band
“Original Dixieland Jazz Band” recorded the first jazz song.

Word “jasm” has appeared in American literature. “Jasm” meant inspiration.
The new word “jass” changed “jasm”. New meaning was something like “catch”,
“excite”. But people used “jazz around” and “jazz up”. But word “ jazz” has
appeared like a musical term only at the 1915 year. It was used in name of Tom
Brown’s band. It was “Tom Brown Jazz Band”.

I hope you have understood complicated history of jazz. This is really music
which describes freedom. This is really deep, sensitive music for many people.
Jazz show all will to live and all troubles of human history. Jazz is not only music.
Jazz is the lifestyle.
Love jazz and be happy! Good luck my friends.

Music in our life

We can not imagine our life without music. Every person listens to music a
lot of time. I know that you take your headphones, put it in your ears and enjoy
different music. Everybody has a favorite melody. You have it too, don’t you?
Every song is associated with good or not so good moments in our life. Many
philosophers have written about music. For example, Confucius wrote: “ Music
produced a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without”. However,
music divides into different styles. One of the most unusual style is jazz.

What is jazz?

Do you know? Do you know what the brilliant music is it? Jazz is
unbelievable connections of the best sounds of wind instruments and human souls.
Jazz is not music for all. One scientist made research about jazz music. He
researched how jazz influence on our brain. This music demands from our brain
really complicated work to analyze all harmonic connections and links in jazz. I
remember one story about Louis Armstrong. Someone asked him what is jazz. And
Armstrong answered: “If you ask this question, you will never understand it”. This
is really deep thought because jazz is the special music with special meanings. Jazz
is the music of freedom. Why? Because every musician must improvise to make
his best melody. Jazz melodies are representing your mood at this moment. When
you listen to jazz melody, you feel real freedom in your soul. However, this style is
one of the most popular in the world. It can connect people from all countries
because it is a special language for human souls. It is universal for us. Jazz
encourages peace between people. Jazz makes respect for human rights and

So I want to ask you only one question. Do you understand jazz? If your
answer is positive, you are really lucky because you can get a lot of enjoyment
from music and you are special in our world. But if your answer is negative, I can
give you one advice. You should start listening to jazz from latin jazz
Good luck my friend.

The Main jazz musical instruments

In music not only human factor is important. Technical factor plays a big role.
Personally, I can not imagine Louis Armstrong playing jazz without his
accompaniment. So musical instruments are on a level with voice and the main
goal is report music to our ears. Different types of jazz need a lot of instruments.
So this is my individual top of musical instruments.

The veritable face of jazz is the saxophone. This is so harmonic, organic in
jazz music, but only in jazz. In professional hands, saxophone may create a little
magic. It has one secret. Saxophone timbre is similar to human voice. Adolf Sax
invented this instrument in the 1842 year. But it was used only in a military
orchestra. It was not in the main staff of symphonic orchestra. Fortunately, jazz
saves all saxophone potential. Saxophone had rebirth due to jazz.

Bass guitar is a very popular instrument in the world. It is universal. And it is
used in jazz. It has low sound, which is the background for the solo part. However,
a lot of musicians used it for solo. This is unusual for many people. But for
example, Colin Hodgkinson used the bass guitar for the main solo part in his
songs. On my mind, this is really good idea to use a bass guitar in jazz.

Third place is for rhythm. What rhythm? The rhythm of drums. Before drum
invention slaves did rhythms by their hands. Do you know how? They clapped
their hands. There are a lot of drum modifications. These modifications are used in
complex, and separately.

Although these instruments are very popular in jazz, I must remind about
other. For example, different wind instruments and piano. I like it too. A lot of
jazzmen use different instruments. Why? It is easy question. Jazz music is so
many-sided and universal.

Honestly, a saxophone is my favorite instrument. It helps me to relax and fell
unreal sensations. So I will go and listen to this magic music.

The best films about Jazz Part II

So I hope you have watched previous films. And you are ready for the next
part of my individual top of the best films about jazz.

  1. Whiplash.
    It is the film which was published in the 2014 year. It was very successful
    because people from ever wanted to watch it. I understand them. This film is really
    interesting. This film describes the life of the young talented man who played on
    drums. He takes a part in the most famous, successful and ruthless leader in the
    jazz orchestra.
    This film will give you a lot of emotions and pieces of advice. You will be
    very impressed. So I recommend you to watch it.
  2. Singin’ in the rain.
    One of the most famous musical films of last one hundred years. This film has
    an Oscar. So you must watch it. It describes an occurrence of silent films and
    demonstrates searching of the young talented actor. This film contains beautiful
    music, brilliant dances, and unbelievable actor’s play. It made this film legendary.
  3. Hello, Dolly.
    The third fabulous film in this my top. This film is special because one of the
    stars in this film is Louis Armstrong. So, Hello Dolly describes New York in the
    1950 year. It is the musical film. But it is so charming. The main hero of the movie
    is a woman who organizes engagements to other people. This film also contains
    beautiful vocal parts and jazz music.
  4. Ray
    This film has two Oscars. It is the dramatic biographic film about Ray Charles
    life. He was born in complicated time because there was a lot of racism. The film
    shows all difficult moments in his life, his uneasy way to popularity. Ray became
    blind in childhood after his brother’s death which Ray saw. Also, he was adored in
    narcotic. But Ray gave up it forever. I think this history makes you cry a little. It is
    a very emotional movie.

On my mind, these a the best movies about jazz. I recommend you to watch
every film and choose your favorite. Enjoy these legendary movies.

The best films about jazz Part I

  1. Some Like It Hot
    This is very famous comedy film which the history of adventures of two jazz
    musicians. Black – white movie contain the great sense of humor and brilliant
    actors play. The main idea is that two men love one woman and must take a part in
    women’s jazz orchestra. So they put on women’s dresses and do everything that
    they wanted to be successful. Honestly, this is the magic film that you will love.
  2. Jazz on a Summer’s day.
    This is not a comedy film. It is the documentary movie. It can help you to
    breath the same air that legendary jazz singers breathed. This film contains live
    performances of big stars in jazz. For example, Louis Armstrong. Producer
    combined records of live performances and repetitions. Also, producer showed
    how people relax at big jazz festivals. So the viewer can feel the same emotions
    that all viewer on that concerts.
  3. The Benny Goodman story.
    This film describe the life of one of the most famous jazz orchestra leader. He
    became successful very quickly but it is not so easy as fast. Film show Benny
    biography from young years to successful performances. This film describes all
    changes in Goodman’s career so you can feel all emotions. And the special place in
    the movie has Benny’s orchestra with magic, brilliant music.
  4. The Glenn Miller story
    Another biographic film which is also very interesting. Glenn Miller is the
    famous leader in jazz orchestra in twenty century. He had a short life. He passed
    away after air catastrophe. But his career was so bright that people remember him
    as a talented person. The producer was inspired by Glenn’s talent and original
    history. Glenn has always mobilized himself in every complicated situation in his
    life. He can be the example for many people.
    That is the end of the first part of my individual top. I recommend watching
    these films.

Top Jazz festivals Part II

Are you ready for the second part? Can you guess other countries? Check
your intuition.

  1. Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark.
    Every July Copenhagen lives in jazz. Duration is ten beautiful days. One
    thousand performances are on the one hundred scenes. This number is amazing.
    Many performances are free for listeners. Can be better? It seems that no. The
    concerts are in nightclubs, parks. pubs and in other locations. There are more than
    250 thousands of listeners. And Copenhagen profit is more than eleven million
    euros. It proves that music can save our world.
  2. North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands.
    It is the really old festival but legendary. A lot of jazz legends gave concerts
    there. Modern information: there are thirteen scenes, one hundred and fifty
    performances and seventy thousands of listeners. The organization is so nice.
    Official web site contain the statement about the actual problem. You can read
    there how to save your ears on big concerts.
  3. Umbria Jazz, Italy.
    This is the most famous jazz festival in the Italy. Every festival contains
    legendary musicians. And you can get a little bonus. You can visit others famous
    cities and places in the Italy, for example, Tuscany and Florence.
  4. Nice Jazz festival, France.
    Another famous French festival. This is the oldest festival. Duration is more
    than sixty years. The first was in 1948. There were Louis Armstrong, Django
    Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli in famous Hotel Negresco. Also, you can get
    bonuses. There are a lot of others music styles.
  5. Heineken Jazzaldia, Spain.
    San Sebastian is a small town. Queen Isabella II make it famous. There are a
    lot of cinemas, concerts, world-famous restaurants and others. So jazz singers
    wanted to be there too. Duration of this festival is fifty years. The bonus is that
    there is the really good place to vacation.
    I think you find your individual favorite festival. And your dream about jazz
    festival will become true.

Top jazz festivals

Part I
So a here a new theme for you. I think it is really relevant. I want to introduce
you my individual top of European jazz fests. We all love jazz, so you can use this

  1. Alfa Jazz Fest in Lviv, Ukraine.
    This is national proud of Ukraine because this fest is on the level with other
    international fests. World famous musicians have always arrived in Lviv to make
    fabulous, brilliant show for all people. There are few scenes. There are requiring
    payment in the city center. But there are a lot of free performances on the scene in
    the central park. The organization makes a lot of actions. They will show movies
    about jazz. You think you have a problem. You want to see the paid performance,
    but you do not have enough money. It is not the problem. Big monitors will be
    installed in the central park.
  2. Jazz a Vienne, France.
    There are a lot of fests in France. It is so big and famous that I can make
    another statement about it. So why jazz fest is so popular in small town Vienne?
    They make this performance in right place. This festival is an amphitheater on
    open air.
  3. Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland.
    This is the special festival. It has a lot of jazz but with some bonus. This
    festival contains rock bands and other styles of modern music. Montreux festival is
    expensive. So if you do not have enough money, you cannot be there. But if you
    buy tickets, you can visit a lot of different free actions. For example, competition
    for young singers.
  4. Love Supreme, Glynde Place, United Kingdom.
    It is so brilliant idea to make the festival in pictorial villages. This fest
    contains jazz and British traditions. It looks perfect. Old British village, perfect
    grass and a lot of jazz. You definitely will love it.
    So this is the first part of my personal top jazz festivals. I will write about
    others too. These festivals are good idea because you can listen to jazz and learn
    the culture of other countries. Personal for me, British festival is really interesting

Funny facts about jazz

Today we have an unbelievable theme about jazz. This is interesting facts. I
know that you like it because everybody likes new funny information and perhaps
you know something special too. I hope you have read my statements and want
more. So take it. Top funny facts about jazz.

Jazz is like an anesthetic pill. You can listen to our favorite jazz when
you have a headache. This is unbelievable. But on American anesthetist, Congress
in New Orlean showed the results of research about jazz. It considers that jazz can
decrease your pain. So I recommend you listen to jazz often. Especially girls must
do it. And it can make your pain easy after operations.

One of the most famous jazz singer John Coldrein become a holy person
in African Church in San Francisco. After his death, a lot of visitors of Yardbird
church worship to him as he is a God. Also, they have his icon. You can find it on
an internet. You will be impressed.

Charlie Parker invited bebop. He said that he played on saxophone fifteen
hours per day from fourteen years old.

Thirty of April is our holiday. Why? On this day is international jazz day
in the world.

USSR had complicated relations with jazz. There was a thought that jazz
is bad west appearance. They said that one day you listened to jazz, next day you
sell your country. But after 1950 that statement disappeared.

No one knows when and where people invited word “jazz”. On the one
hand is a thought that “jazz” was used as a baseball term. On the hand is the
second thought that it was a musical term which was invited in 1910 – 1915 years.

Jazz is kind of a black music because it was invented by Afro-American

So this is my top 7 of different facts about jazz. I think you enjoy it. Personal
for me the most interesting is a fact number 1 and the funniest is number two.