Funny facts about jazz

Today we have an unbelievable theme about jazz. This is interesting facts. I
know that you like it because everybody likes new funny information and perhaps
you know something special too. I hope you have read my statements and want
more. So take it. Top funny facts about jazz.

Jazz is like an anesthetic pill. You can listen to our favorite jazz when
you have a headache. This is unbelievable. But on American anesthetist, Congress
in New Orlean showed the results of research about jazz. It considers that jazz can
decrease your pain. So I recommend you listen to jazz often. Especially girls must
do it. And it can make your pain easy after operations.

One of the most famous jazz singer John Coldrein become a holy person
in African Church in San Francisco. After his death, a lot of visitors of Yardbird
church worship to him as he is a God. Also, they have his icon. You can find it on
an internet. You will be impressed.

Charlie Parker invited bebop. He said that he played on saxophone fifteen
hours per day from fourteen years old.

Thirty of April is our holiday. Why? On this day is international jazz day
in the world.

USSR had complicated relations with jazz. There was a thought that jazz
is bad west appearance. They said that one day you listened to jazz, next day you
sell your country. But after 1950 that statement disappeared.

No one knows when and where people invited word “jazz”. On the one
hand is a thought that “jazz” was used as a baseball term. On the hand is the
second thought that it was a musical term which was invited in 1910 – 1915 years.

Jazz is kind of a black music because it was invented by Afro-American

So this is my top 7 of different facts about jazz. I think you enjoy it. Personal
for me the most interesting is a fact number 1 and the funniest is number two.