Jazz history

No one style of music doesn’t have so mystery history of appearance. Jazz
was born in the USA between poor slaves without any rights in their lives. They
did not have any relatives in the USA, but hey have great will-power. So slaves
found consolation in music. A lot of them had real talent, they felt rhythms. At
first, it was really African music. Then other courses connect to it, but the main
themes were about complicated slave’s destiny. But they didn’t have any
instruments, so they make it from different things, for example, woods, papers.

Real music instruments were given to them after the civilian war at 1861-1865
years. Wind orchestras were very popular and plenty of musical instruments were
cheaper, so poor people bought it in different stores. People played music in
various situations like weddings, picnics, funerals. In twenty century in southern
states of American music bands were popular because they played original music,
they improvised with music, they linked blues, European songs. They were called
“jazz-bands”. However, classic jazz was born in New Orlean, USA. Jazz-band
“Original Dixieland Jazz Band” recorded the first jazz song.

Word “jasm” has appeared in American literature. “Jasm” meant inspiration.
The new word “jass” changed “jasm”. New meaning was something like “catch”,
“excite”. But people used “jazz around” and “jazz up”. But word “ jazz” has
appeared like a musical term only at the 1915 year. It was used in name of Tom
Brown’s band. It was “Tom Brown Jazz Band”.

I hope you have understood complicated history of jazz. This is really music
which describes freedom. This is really deep, sensitive music for many people.
Jazz show all will to live and all troubles of human history. Jazz is not only music.
Jazz is the lifestyle.
Love jazz and be happy! Good luck my friends.