Jazz singers, who you must know Part II

So we continue our top. Keep calm and listen to jazz.

  1. John Coltrane
    He started his career at thirty-three. But he passed away in forty years old.
    John was the very important person in jazz, but mystery singer. He had the short
    career, but plenty of his records were published after his death. John was changing
    his style during his career. There are a lot of worshippers of his early, traditional
    and experimental music.
  2. Thelonious Monk
    This is the legendary musician. He had individual, universal improvisational
    style. He was second after Duke due to his style. His technique was more
    emotional, more energetic and include dramatic silence. He was real novator. He
    often danced on his own performances. But Thelonious was not so famous during
    his life.
  3. Oscar Peterson
    Oscar Peterson was like a fresh air in jazz. Why? He played classical music,
    for example, Bach’s compositions and first jazz ballet. Also, Peterson opened his
    private school in Canada. Oscar has written the anthem of freedom rights.
  4. Billie Holiday
    Here is the first woman on my top. She has the special place in jazz. She did
    not have any personal song in her career. She took different songs and transformed
    it into jazz motives. Also, her performance with song “Strange Fruit” is one of the
    most famous in American music history. Her life was a little dramatic, but her
    squeaky voice and ocean of emotions made her special person.
  5. Dizzy Gillespie
    He is a trumpet – player. He liked different types of music. His career
    includes bebop, improvisation and Latin jazz. Dizzy respected traditional African
    music. During his career, he has always played on tours. He was so charming due
    to his cap, glasses and swollen cheeks.
    I advise you sit down on your favorite sofa, relax and listen to these singers
    and enjoy best jazz music