Jazz singers, who you must know

There are a lot of world-renowned jazz musicians. Every person has individual top
of them. I want to represent you my personal top of jazz singers. I remind you that
it is my individual top and you can have other thought. So, are you ready? Let start.

  1. Louis Armstrong
    Everybody knows that name because Armstrong is a classic jazz. If I ask you about
    jazz, you will associate it with his singer. Louis is the most famous and popular
    musician of all time. His career was so long, more than fifty years long. He had
    very interesting squeak voice. Louis Armstrong is a legend in jazz. He was so
    smart, talented. He was virtuoso. He did a lot of jazz music, he made it one of the
    most popular style of music in the world.
  2. Duke Ellington
    Duke was the talented composer. Playing piano made him famous. He was a leader
    of the jazz orchestra fifty years long. Duke used his musical laboratory for his hard
    work. He called his band in this way. He was very kind because he showed the
    talent of every member of the band. Duke was greatly capable of working. He
    wrote more than one thousand songs. Also, Duke has written music for movies.
    The most famous songs are “Cottontail” and “It Does not Mean a Thing”.
  3. Miles Davis
    Miles Davis is a famous person. He influenced on jazz melodies in twenty
    century.He had a lot of bands. The peak of popularity was in the 1945 year. Miles
    played different types of jazz. Sometimes he played bebop, then cool jazz, rarely
    hard bop and modal jazz. Also, he knew jazz fusion. Miles have widened jazz
  4. Charlie Parker
    If you ask me about Charlie Parker, I will associate it with saxophone. He played
    bebop. This technique contained improvisation, fast tempo. Charlie connected jazz
    and other styles of music. For example, he linked with classical music, Latin
    music, blues. Charlie Parker was the really intelligent musician.
  5. Nat King Cole
    Nat is famous for his gorgeous baritone. He made music more emotional. He was
    the first Afro-American who worked on a TV show. He invited to his show many
    jazz musicians, for example, Ella Jane Fitzgerald and Eartha Mae Kitt. Nat was
    talented to playing piano, he did it phenomenally. Cole was recognized as a popicon.