Music in our life

We can not imagine our life without music. Every person listens to music a
lot of time. I know that you take your headphones, put it in your ears and enjoy
different music. Everybody has a favorite melody. You have it too, don’t you?
Every song is associated with good or not so good moments in our life. Many
philosophers have written about music. For example, Confucius wrote: “ Music
produced a kind of pleasure which human nature can not do without”. However,
music divides into different styles. One of the most unusual style is jazz.

What is jazz?

Do you know? Do you know what the brilliant music is it? Jazz is
unbelievable connections of the best sounds of wind instruments and human souls.
Jazz is not music for all. One scientist made research about jazz music. He
researched how jazz influence on our brain. This music demands from our brain
really complicated work to analyze all harmonic connections and links in jazz. I
remember one story about Louis Armstrong. Someone asked him what is jazz. And
Armstrong answered: “If you ask this question, you will never understand it”. This
is really deep thought because jazz is the special music with special meanings. Jazz
is the music of freedom. Why? Because every musician must improvise to make
his best melody. Jazz melodies are representing your mood at this moment. When
you listen to jazz melody, you feel real freedom in your soul. However, this style is
one of the most popular in the world. It can connect people from all countries
because it is a special language for human souls. It is universal for us. Jazz
encourages peace between people. Jazz makes respect for human rights and

So I want to ask you only one question. Do you understand jazz? If your
answer is positive, you are really lucky because you can get a lot of enjoyment
from music and you are special in our world. But if your answer is negative, I can
give you one advice. You should start listening to jazz from latin jazz
Good luck my friend.