The best films about jazz Part I

  1. Some Like It Hot
    This is very famous comedy film which the history of adventures of two jazz
    musicians. Black – white movie contain the great sense of humor and brilliant
    actors play. The main idea is that two men love one woman and must take a part in
    women’s jazz orchestra. So they put on women’s dresses and do everything that
    they wanted to be successful. Honestly, this is the magic film that you will love.
  2. Jazz on a Summer’s day.
    This is not a comedy film. It is the documentary movie. It can help you to
    breath the same air that legendary jazz singers breathed. This film contains live
    performances of big stars in jazz. For example, Louis Armstrong. Producer
    combined records of live performances and repetitions. Also, producer showed
    how people relax at big jazz festivals. So the viewer can feel the same emotions
    that all viewer on that concerts.
  3. The Benny Goodman story.
    This film describe the life of one of the most famous jazz orchestra leader. He
    became successful very quickly but it is not so easy as fast. Film show Benny
    biography from young years to successful performances. This film describes all
    changes in Goodman’s career so you can feel all emotions. And the special place in
    the movie has Benny’s orchestra with magic, brilliant music.
  4. The Glenn Miller story
    Another biographic film which is also very interesting. Glenn Miller is the
    famous leader in jazz orchestra in twenty century. He had a short life. He passed
    away after air catastrophe. But his career was so bright that people remember him
    as a talented person. The producer was inspired by Glenn’s talent and original
    history. Glenn has always mobilized himself in every complicated situation in his
    life. He can be the example for many people.
    That is the end of the first part of my individual top. I recommend watching
    these films.