The best films about Jazz Part II

So I hope you have watched previous films. And you are ready for the next
part of my individual top of the best films about jazz.

  1. Whiplash.
    It is the film which was published in the 2014 year. It was very successful
    because people from ever wanted to watch it. I understand them. This film is really
    interesting. This film describes the life of the young talented man who played on
    drums. He takes a part in the most famous, successful and ruthless leader in the
    jazz orchestra.
    This film will give you a lot of emotions and pieces of advice. You will be
    very impressed. So I recommend you to watch it.
  2. Singin’ in the rain.
    One of the most famous musical films of last one hundred years. This film has
    an Oscar. So you must watch it. It describes an occurrence of silent films and
    demonstrates searching of the young talented actor. This film contains beautiful
    music, brilliant dances, and unbelievable actor’s play. It made this film legendary.
  3. Hello, Dolly.
    The third fabulous film in this my top. This film is special because one of the
    stars in this film is Louis Armstrong. So, Hello Dolly describes New York in the
    1950 year. It is the musical film. But it is so charming. The main hero of the movie
    is a woman who organizes engagements to other people. This film also contains
    beautiful vocal parts and jazz music.
  4. Ray
    This film has two Oscars. It is the dramatic biographic film about Ray Charles
    life. He was born in complicated time because there was a lot of racism. The film
    shows all difficult moments in his life, his uneasy way to popularity. Ray became
    blind in childhood after his brother’s death which Ray saw. Also, he was adored in
    narcotic. But Ray gave up it forever. I think this history makes you cry a little. It is
    a very emotional movie.

On my mind, these a the best movies about jazz. I recommend you to watch
every film and choose your favorite. Enjoy these legendary movies.