The Main jazz musical instruments

In music not only human factor is important. Technical factor plays a big role.
Personally, I can not imagine Louis Armstrong playing jazz without his
accompaniment. So musical instruments are on a level with voice and the main
goal is report music to our ears. Different types of jazz need a lot of instruments.
So this is my individual top of musical instruments.

The veritable face of jazz is the saxophone. This is so harmonic, organic in
jazz music, but only in jazz. In professional hands, saxophone may create a little
magic. It has one secret. Saxophone timbre is similar to human voice. Adolf Sax
invented this instrument in the 1842 year. But it was used only in a military
orchestra. It was not in the main staff of symphonic orchestra. Fortunately, jazz
saves all saxophone potential. Saxophone had rebirth due to jazz.

Bass guitar is a very popular instrument in the world. It is universal. And it is
used in jazz. It has low sound, which is the background for the solo part. However,
a lot of musicians used it for solo. This is unusual for many people. But for
example, Colin Hodgkinson used the bass guitar for the main solo part in his
songs. On my mind, this is really good idea to use a bass guitar in jazz.

Third place is for rhythm. What rhythm? The rhythm of drums. Before drum
invention slaves did rhythms by their hands. Do you know how? They clapped
their hands. There are a lot of drum modifications. These modifications are used in
complex, and separately.

Although these instruments are very popular in jazz, I must remind about
other. For example, different wind instruments and piano. I like it too. A lot of
jazzmen use different instruments. Why? It is easy question. Jazz music is so
many-sided and universal.

Honestly, a saxophone is my favorite instrument. It helps me to relax and fell
unreal sensations. So I will go and listen to this magic music.