Top Jazz festivals Part II

Are you ready for the second part? Can you guess other countries? Check
your intuition.

  1. Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Denmark.
    Every July Copenhagen lives in jazz. Duration is ten beautiful days. One
    thousand performances are on the one hundred scenes. This number is amazing.
    Many performances are free for listeners. Can be better? It seems that no. The
    concerts are in nightclubs, parks. pubs and in other locations. There are more than
    250 thousands of listeners. And Copenhagen profit is more than eleven million
    euros. It proves that music can save our world.
  2. North Sea Jazz Festival, Netherlands.
    It is the really old festival but legendary. A lot of jazz legends gave concerts
    there. Modern information: there are thirteen scenes, one hundred and fifty
    performances and seventy thousands of listeners. The organization is so nice.
    Official web site contain the statement about the actual problem. You can read
    there how to save your ears on big concerts.
  3. Umbria Jazz, Italy.
    This is the most famous jazz festival in the Italy. Every festival contains
    legendary musicians. And you can get a little bonus. You can visit others famous
    cities and places in the Italy, for example, Tuscany and Florence.
  4. Nice Jazz festival, France.
    Another famous French festival. This is the oldest festival. Duration is more
    than sixty years. The first was in 1948. There were Louis Armstrong, Django
    Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli in famous Hotel Negresco. Also, you can get
    bonuses. There are a lot of others music styles.
  5. Heineken Jazzaldia, Spain.
    San Sebastian is a small town. Queen Isabella II make it famous. There are a
    lot of cinemas, concerts, world-famous restaurants and others. So jazz singers
    wanted to be there too. Duration of this festival is fifty years. The bonus is that
    there is the really good place to vacation.
    I think you find your individual favorite festival. And your dream about jazz
    festival will become true.