Top jazz festivals

Part I
So a here a new theme for you. I think it is really relevant. I want to introduce
you my individual top of European jazz fests. We all love jazz, so you can use this

  1. Alfa Jazz Fest in Lviv, Ukraine.
    This is national proud of Ukraine because this fest is on the level with other
    international fests. World famous musicians have always arrived in Lviv to make
    fabulous, brilliant show for all people. There are few scenes. There are requiring
    payment in the city center. But there are a lot of free performances on the scene in
    the central park. The organization makes a lot of actions. They will show movies
    about jazz. You think you have a problem. You want to see the paid performance,
    but you do not have enough money. It is not the problem. Big monitors will be
    installed in the central park.
  2. Jazz a Vienne, France.
    There are a lot of fests in France. It is so big and famous that I can make
    another statement about it. So why jazz fest is so popular in small town Vienne?
    They make this performance in right place. This festival is an amphitheater on
    open air.
  3. Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland.
    This is the special festival. It has a lot of jazz but with some bonus. This
    festival contains rock bands and other styles of modern music. Montreux festival is
    expensive. So if you do not have enough money, you cannot be there. But if you
    buy tickets, you can visit a lot of different free actions. For example, competition
    for young singers.
  4. Love Supreme, Glynde Place, United Kingdom.
    It is so brilliant idea to make the festival in pictorial villages. This fest
    contains jazz and British traditions. It looks perfect. Old British village, perfect
    grass and a lot of jazz. You definitely will love it.
    So this is the first part of my personal top jazz festivals. I will write about
    others too. These festivals are good idea because you can listen to jazz and learn
    the culture of other countries. Personal for me, British festival is really interesting